It’s all about your pRESTige!

Hi all!

I am happy to announce the release of pRESTige framework! If all the problems in the software development realm were werewolves, then this is your silver bullet!

It is a Rapid Application Development framework that is written in Core PHP, which means you can host it anywhere even on those free hosting sites without worrying about any dependencies. pRESTige is a Frankenstein (in a good way) that brings a couple of open source tools and stitches them together along with a homebred RESTful API generation engine that converts your relational database into fully feature RESTful APIs, maintaining all the relations and querying features of MySQL and port it to the HTTP protocol. Along with that, it goes ahead and generates Open API documentation (swagger). Additionally, it combines a web-based tool for editing code, a web-based tool for running Linux terminal commands, a web-based tool for testing REST APIs, a web-based tool for maintaining databases and much more. In short, you have got the whole monster that can do anything for you to help you speed-up your development process – without leaving the browser! And … the size of this monster is just about 3MB!

So, in order to build your dream software, all you need is a web browser, internet connection, and your GrandPa’s old computer!

You can just register a free account under hosting sites like 000webhost, upload this 3MB package and start developing and testing your application within the browser using your favorite front-end technologies such as Vue.js or AngularJS!

If you want to try out this wonderful framework, just hit the Download button above. If you want to read more about it, you can click here to visit its repository on GitHub.

Stay tuned! Go wild!

1 thought on “It’s all about your pRESTige!”

  1. Hi.

    I really like this project but missing some event hooks.
    May be you can add some events for “on_get” and “before_get”…
    I modified your code in order to implement some business functionality and also added a “return” for all events so you can combine or calculate some columns

    Another topic which I didn’t had a deeper look at is SSE or WebSockets. It would be nice to be able to send events from the server to the client.


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