Build the backend micro-services in record time

pRESTige is a low-code magical framework for RAD (Rapid Application Development) and no-code RESTful API auto-generation from MySQL Databases, bundled with web-based code editor (IDE), API documentation and testing tool (Swagger), database administration tool and a web-based terminal. It is compatible with PHP shared hosting providers. Moreover, It has magical abilities to run Node.js and Python scripts even on shared hosting providers.


  • Automatically and dynamically converts MySQL tables to RESTful APIs without writing a single line of code.
  • All relations within tables are maintained in APIs.
  • Strong query engine. Query your APIs as you would do in SQL.
  • Changes in the database are immediately reflected in APIs, without having to restart the process.
  • Changes in the APIs are immediately reflected in API documentation without having to regenerate anything.
  • Test your APIs without having to install any plug-ins in your browser.
  • Embedded light-weight database management directly from your browser. You can make changes in the tables without having to reply on any desktop tool.
  • Embedded code editor. Develop your application directly from your browser. See live preview. New code editor that mimics Visual Studio Code.
  • Embedded File Manager. Easily upload bunch of files to your workspace.
  • Embedded terminal. Run linux commands directly from your browser.
  • Embedded Node.JS manager. Run your nodejs programs even if the hosting only allows for PHP.
  • Embedded Python manager. Run your Python programs even if the hosting only allows for PHP.
  • Built-in authentication and token generation APIs
  • Built-in file upload APIs
  • Support for OAuth
  • Support for Shared Hosting (Except the terminal component)


It is extremely easy get quickly up and running using pRESTige!

Windows users or Shared hosting users

You can click here to download the latest bundle and use it with your favorite PHP stack such as Bitnami or XAMPP. You can also register an account with any free shared hosting providers and upload it there. This framework, unlike others, does not require you to keep everything on the domain root. You can easily upload it in any subdirectory under your domain and run multiple copies in parallel.

Once you upload it to the htdocs or any subdirectory within it, just hit the relevant URL to configure the framework.

Linux/Mac users

If you prefer to use linux or mac terminal, use the following.

Using GIT
git clone
cd prestige
php -S
Using CURL
curl -L -o
cd pRESTige-master
php -S

Now click here OR just copy the following link and paste it in your browser to configure the engine with the database:


You can use the following endpoints to use the system.

API Documentationhttp://localhost:8080/api/docs
API Testing Toolhttp://localhost:8080/api/test
Database Administrationhttp://localhost:8080/db
Code Editorhttp://localhost:8080/ide

Learn to use pRESTige

Click here to learn how to use pRESTige.